From documentary production to media training to news editing: for 10 years I’ve been lucky to work with fellow creatives to chase down and share good stories.

I’ve put my skills to work in packaging content and ideas to engage audiences via digital and traditional platforms. I’ve written and produced content for magazines, independent media, non-profits, educational institutions, arts organizations and small businesses.

My curiosity and interest in people fuels my affinity for all things digital. Micro-blogging and moderating, collaborating and content-mashing, liking, linking, friending and tweeting are all second-nature to me. Through my graduate research in online community building, and daily experimentation via the many social networks to which I belong, I’ve had the chance to foster and become a part of many vibrant communities, both online and off. And, I’ve been invited to lecture, train and teach others on how do the same — which I love.

For me, it all starts with two basic questions:

Who are you, and how are you doing?

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